School Closing

After nearly 70 years, the Institute of Jewish Education Early Childhood Center will close it’s doors on July 15, 2021. This is the notice that was sent to our parents:
Dear Families and Friends of our School,
With a year full of changing, rearranging, adapting and re-adapting and some coping, now there is one more bump in the road and it’s a big one. As you may know, The Institute of Jewish Education is owned by three organizations: NA’AMAT USA, Ameinu and Habonim Dror; the Early Childhood Center is under the umbrella of the Institute. The City of Los Angeles has mandated costly, long term upgrades to the building that the IJE is unable to sustain. Having said that, the Board of Directors has decided to go in a new direction. They will be repurposing and/or selling the building. Therefore, they will be closing the school at the end of our regular school year.
What more is there to say? We thank you for your trust and the privilege of working with your children and your families over the years.

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