Our school provides the tools and experiences which foster the growth of social, emotional, physical, creative and intellectual development.


Our school’s philosophy is based on the knowledge that children learn best by doing, exploring and social interaction.


Welcome to the Institute of Jewish Education Early Childhood Center | Preschool

A Brief Introduction

The early childhood years are wonderful, almost miraculous: it is a time of growth, curiosity, investigation and accomplishment. We are proud to share this time with you and your family. Beginning school for the first time is the start of a critical new stage in life. We are helping your child to expand his/her world, to work and play with new ideas. The educative process in early childhood captures the child at the peak of his/her formative years in both value building and identity formation.

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A Few Nice Words About Our School

“Thanks for making our first year of preschool such a fantastic experience. We feel so fortunate to leave our son in your capable hands every day, knowing that all the teachers are so loving and attentive and affectionate and mindful and creative and dedicated and I could go on and on …”
Spencer and Mark

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